L.O.A.D.B is a clothing line designed for those who believe that they are in fact the “Last of a Dying Brand”.

The line was originated in Philadelphia, PA in the year 2011, created by Lemeir Mitchell. Lemeir, who also goes by the name BB, is an entrepreneur 19 years of age who even though has just graduated high school, has dreams many people twice his age could never imagine. Ever since Lemeir was younger, he had a strong fascination of the arts. This encouraged not only the beginning of this phenomenal clothing line, but also has brought great success and acknowledgement as far as his tattoo business “RoyalInk” is concerned.

Although young entrepreneurship is something that rarely occurs, his ambition and great aspirations are what influence his drive. Lemeir decided to name his artistic designs “Last of a Dying Brand”. Featured on many of his clothes are also slogans such as “Clothing for leaders with the desire to be great” and “A rare brand, for a rare breed”. With the help of Kyle Slaughter and Basile Brooks, Lemeir has great expectations for both of his up and on the rise businesses.